In Studio Video

This video is featuring the band "The Drought Cult" recording at Greenhouse Recording and was produced by Antiphony Life Productions. We have a partnership with Anthony from Antiphony Life Productions and can make you a video documenting your experience in the studio just like this one. Let us know and we'll get you a quote!


Live Room
Control Room Space
Vocal Booth
Warm/Universal Audio
Universal Audio/Demeter Tube
Neve, AEA, Vintech, API
API 3124 Avalon 737
Some of our Microphones
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Deluxe Reverb
Vintage Vox
Pro Reverb
Epiphone Pathfinder
Deluxe Reverb 2
GK, Marshall, Ampeg Tube, Fender
Ampeg 8X10
Ampeg Acoustic Amp
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DW Kit 13,16,24
Ludwig Vistalite Kit 13,16,18,22
Slingerland Kit 13,16,22
Ludwig 5X14 70's Black Beauty
DW 6X14 Edge
Ludwig 5X14 70's Chrome
DW Maple 5X14
Rogers 60's 5X14 Dyna-Sonic
Slingerland 10X15 Snare
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Slingerland 10X15 Snare