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With our acoustically treated room, an experienced engineer with decades of experience, exceptional monitoring system, and hundreds of high-end plug-ins, you'll find your mixes come out exactly how you imagined. And it doesn't matter where you're located! Pitch shift for vocals (and anything else out of tune) as well as drum replacement is available and something we have a lot of experience with. We also have a lot of experience dealing with any source audio. Recorded everything at home? No problem! Click here to hear some samples of our work.




There are a lot of choices when it comes to mastering which can be overwhelming. At Greenhouse Recording we focus on Mastering for Vinyl, all streaming services, CD, and cassette tape. We offer affordable pricing and quick service. Mastering doesn't have to be confusing or overwhelming. Let me help - I'd love to explain the process and why it's such an important step in the process. Click above to get in contact to learn more. 

Greenhouse Recording is a Sonoma County Based Mixing and Mastering Studio run by Paul Haile. With nearly 2 decades of experience recording and mixing in recording studios and at home, we are ready to take on any mixing and mastering projects. Music is our passion and we focus and have experience making a big sound with audio from various sources.

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