How many tracks can we record at once?
We are capable of recording 16 simultaneous channels of audio in 3 different isolated spaces.
Can we track everything live?
It is up to you whether you'd like to track live (all together) or separately. If tracking live, it's best to get your basic tracks down together (bass, guitar, drums) and overdub vocals and anything else, after the fact.
Do we need to record to a click?
Recording to a click is not necessary, but makes things easier in the editing and mixing stages of the process. Keep in mind that 99% of commercial recordings are done to a click. We've tracked bands both ways and find there are advantages to doing it both ways. If you are planning on recording to a click, it's helpful to practice that way for a few weeks before entering the studio. Having your tempos ready for us is always nice too.
Can we just use your gear?
Yes! If you're happy utilizing our gear, we're happy to record it. We can also mix and match things as you'd like. There's no additional charge for using our equipment. Also, if you're into pictures, click here.
When do I pay you?
Payment will be collected at the end of your session. If you have consecutive dates (Sat. Sun.) payment can be made on Sunday. We prefer to collect after each weekend if you have multiple weekends booked. The payment for mixing is usually collected on delivery of the finished mixes, although on larger projects, payment may be requested midway through the process. These rules aren't hard and fast and accommodations can be made if that will be a hardship for you.
How do I pay you?
Accepted forms of payment are Venmo, Paypal, Cash or Check (made payable to your engineer). 
Do you do mixing?
Yes and we love to do it. Take a listen to some of our samples!
Do you do attended mixing sessions?
Not usually. If you'd really like to be there while we mix, you may do so at an additional fee. Files will be emailed to you so we can collaborate on what you liked/didn't like. Examples of what you'd your album to sound like are appreciated!
Most songs on the radio utilize some form of pitch correction. We use a program called "Melodyne" for pitch correction. It doesn't mean you're a bad singer. However, keep in mind that It also doesn't make a bad singer sound like a good one... We have a lot of experience with it and would recommend it if you're feeling like your mixes would benefit from it - they almost always do.
Will you play on my album?
Yes! We're happy to play/sing on your album. Let us know what you need and we'll see if we can do it. Paul has played drums on many sessions and we also have the ability to sing harmony, play guitar, keys, electric bass, and cello among other instruments.
Is mastering really that important?
Yes! We highly recommend you get your mixes mastered. If you're going through all the trouble of recording and mixing your stuff professionally, you really owe it to yourself and your recordings to get them professionally mastered. Besides, who doesn't want a little extra polish on their mixes?
Do you do mastering?
Yes. Use the contact link to get in touch with us for more information.