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Greenhouse Recording
Was established in 2013 by friends Paul Haile and Navid Manoochehri. They met while studying for their music degrees in 2003. They quickly discovered their ease in collaborating and started playing in bands together. Over the years, they began acquiring pieces of professional recording gear when their band needed to record their second album. After piecing things together using their own gear and using various studios around Sonoma County, they decided it was time to blaze their own trail and start recording solely on their own. The operation began in Paul's living room and spare bedroom which they in time grew out of. Since then, they have worked with a variety of local artists from a slew of different genres.  The studio now operates in the industrial section of Petaluma. 
Paul Haile [Head Engineer] 
Paul's fascination with recording began at an early age. He remembers listening to music in the back of his mom's van on the way to school trying to figure out how they got an instrument that doesn't plug in, like saxophone, onto a cassette tape. In high school, he began making recordings with his younger brother and pieced together a vocal booth in one of their closets. He would record cover songs with friends and try to emulate exactly how the recording sounded. After he earned his BA in music (with an emphasis in recording engineering) from Sonoma State University in 2006, he went on to intern/study at Sound Arts Recording Studio under the Recording Connection Program in San Francisco, CA.  Once he earned his certificate from the program in 2008, he continued recording his own bands, local musicians, short film soundtracks and even wrote and recorded jingles. In the spring of 2016, Paul returned to his alma mater to teach the Audio and Recording Production Certificate Program at Sonoma State University. He has also taught a recording engineering and audio production classes at the Napa School of Music. He's been working with Pro Tools since 2003 and is especially skilled in editing. Paul specializes in drum recording and admittedly is a bit of a perfectionist. He is also an accomplished studio musician and has played on many of the albums he's recorded. When Paul isn't engineering, he teaches private piano, voice, drum and cello lessons to kids and adults of all ages. He dwells on the west side of Petaluma with his wife and daughter. 
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