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Quality Preamps

A very nice selection of quality preamps for our competitive, all-inclusive price, makes Greenhouse Recording a fantastic place to work in. Preamps from Avavlon, API, Universal Audio, Earthworks (just to name a few) make Greenhouse Recording on par with major studios three times the cost. See our Preamps List to read about our full collection of Preamps. 

Wide Microphone Selction

A great micrphone selection of some of the best manufacturers out there such as: Neumann, AKG, Sennneiser, Shure (and more). You'll find the recordings done here come out exactly how you want them to sound, with no makeup work trying to get a clear sound in post production. See our 
Microphone List to read about our full collection of microphones.

Comfortable Vocal Booth

Perfectly sized and acoustically tuned vocal booth perfect for recording vocals, and electric & acoustic guitar. We have a variety of vocal Microphones to choose from, mogami cabling, qulaity headphones, and a Furman HR-6 remote mixing station (pictured) to make your experience recording easy and fun.

Acoustically Tuned Room


A nice shape, acoustic foam panels and 703 fiberglass acoustic paneling and accurate Monitoring make this room a delite to work in. We also use reliable monitoring headphones to make sure your music sounds the way you want it to. 

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